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906 Paso MkII



Much modified 906 Paso Testanero (hence MkII, or Tess, as she is known). April 1989. 50,000 miles. 17 inch wheels, Harrison 6-pot calipers with new pistons and seals. Corbin seat, braided brake lines, underslung rear brake, special paint, Termis etc. Built (or rather rebuilt) by Matt Lawson to it's current spec, with engine rebuild done by Paul Klatiewitz. It won several "Best Twin" and "Best Belt" awards at DOC TT Rallies, and Matt is pictured on the bike in 2013. I bought it off him in 2015 and have only done around 3000 miles since, mostly at the TT, as I used it as my TT week bike for about 3 years.

Due to a careless idiot (who? me?) connecting a new battery up back to front it blew the rectifier and fuel pump, and (I think) the ignition box. All have been replaced, the ignition with an Ignitech unit at a cost of about £150 so everything should be fine, but it isn't. Largely because I'm an electrical dip-stick I haven't yet had it running again since re-patriating it from the IoM last year. Too many others to spend time on. However, someone with some electrical expertise should have it going again in a weekend.

Due to the non-runner state I think this is fair, but I'm willing to haggle from £2,500 ono.

If you're interested in this item and would like more information or to make an offer please contact the seller by emailing spaggy@docgb.net or call 07809 031030.