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Ducati 888SP5



 Never thought I would but due to ill health I am reluctantly selling my Ducati 888 SP5.
In good condition apart from some paint osmosis and "patina", it was my dream bike after all so I did like to ride it if I could.
It has been looked after by Louigi Moto for servicing and runs better than ever.
I fitted Dymag wheels and had the suspension overhauled by MH Holland which made an amazing difference.
The most stable bike I have ever ridden[Honestly a nuclear bomb would not upset the steering]
I have the original wheels and fasteners, replaced some with titanium or alloy.
It might be 27 years old but It made me feel alive, just wish I was 20 years younger


If you're interested in this item and would like more information or to make an offer please contact the seller by emailing densar@blueyonder.co.uk or call 07835 523561.