• Underslung rear calliper system for 888, 851, 900ss, 750ss, early Monster etc.

Underslung rear calliper system for 888, 851, 900ss, 750ss, early Monster etc.

Long Compton


For sale - complete underslung calliper set for 851, 888, SS900, SS750, early Monsters all NOS apart from the double threaded-with-a-nut in the middle unique brake rod/calliper/calliper hanger connecting bolt, which is used but excellent with brand new nut. Comprising:

brake torque rod mounting plate - choice of either new fabricated alloy plate or carbon plate believed to be from Corse (extra charge!)

Genuine Ducati brand new engine mount plate bolts, spring washers and plain washers, 2 ea

Brand new genuine Ducati plate to rose joint nut and bolt

Maintenance free brand new rose joints & lock nuts, 2 ea

NOS brake rod (still in packaging)

used but A1 gen Ducati double special bolt and new gen Ducati nut 

NOS calliper hanger (still sealed in package)

NOS three calliper hanger bushes (allow free rotation and correct spacing of calliper hanger)

NOS gen Ducati brake line/swing arm bracket (replaces the anchor for the standard calliper mount on your swing arm, still sealed in packaging) with used but A1 bolt

All you need is your own calliper and brake hose, this system will fit straight on to any 851, 888, pre Terblanch 900ss & 750SS, as fitted to SP models and some marks of Superlight and early Monster S, painstakingly collected for use on my bike which I have decided to sell (888 Strada). Picture shows similar systems on 887 & Monster S. Price with alloy brake arm/engine mounting plate £400, with carbon plate £430, inc postage

If you're interested in this item and would like more information or to make an offer please contact the seller by emailing john@hhmedical.plus.com or call 07786 234252.