Bologna - Ducati Factory and info

Here's some info for those of you wanting to see where your Ducati was born, it's well worth the trip, Bologna is a great city for a weekend, great food, museums, shopping, and history.

Ducati Factory and Muesum
Ducati factory and museum entrance

Museum & factory tour - This is once again free for our members who are also DOC members (charges may apply during WDW etc.)

Firstly, you need to book your tour of the factory.

You can’t just turn up on the day for the tour.
You can just turn up for the museum. 

Please check opening times, and remember that Italy is on holiday for what seems like most of August,
so check that they are open when you want to visit.

This is where you book:

The Borgo Panigale Experience

Remember to login on this page to select free entry for DOC members

Make sure you login to get free entry...

If you are planning to arrive by Ducati and are looking to park in the bike park in front of the factory this is possible, but only if there is space, as they have more employees now more space is being taken up in the bike park, so this may not be possible during weekdays, please be understanding if you can't. 

If you arrive on any other bike or car you'll need to park in the road, or at the main shop at the end of the road.

Ducati Bike Park - Mugello Weekend
Ducati Bike Park, employees and visitors- Mugello Weekend


Our members who are registered as DOC GB members on the Factory DOC you will get in for free,
Don’t forget to take your red Factory DOC card with you, and your DOC GB card. (charges may apply during WDW)

The red DOC membership cards can now be downloaded as a pdf from 'My membership' simply log in and download, they can be printed off or kept on a smartphone to be shown as required.
From Dec 2022 we now print your DOC number on your DOC GB membership card.

You will get a discount (10-15%ish) in the 3 factory shops by showing your DOC GB card and your red Factory DOC card, either our pdf version or the actual plastic card.

These are the 3 Ducati shop locations:

Factory & museum Factory & museum - Google maps

Main shop Main shop - Google maps

Scrambler Factory Camp - shop Scrambler shop - Google maps

Scrambler Shop... The Land of Joy


No discount here, but nice food next to the Scrambler shop…. America Graffiti Diner Restaurant Borgo Panigale

America Graffiti Diner - Google maps


Bologna from the tower
Bologna from the Asinelli Tower, you can probably see the factory on a clear day

Where to stay__________

Hotels near the Factory & Airport

Borgo Panigale

Hotel del Borgo - This is where we usually stay, it’s fairly cheap, nice place with nice staff and they know us very well.
5 min walk to the factory and some nice local restaurants +39 051 406878
Hotel del Borgo - Google maps

Hotel Amadeus – Bit more upmarket, nice place, the bar is open when most of the rest in the area are shut  Hotel Amedeus +39 051 403040
Hotel Amadeus - Google maps

Hotel in the City

Hotel University - Hotel University
Hotel University - Google Maps

Where to eat___________

Restaurants near the Factory & Hotel del Borgo

La Stella Pizzaria – My favorite, great food and a nice atmosphere
La Stella Pizzaria - Google maps

Il Desiderio – Does special seafood and Pizza, next door to the Hotel del Borgo
Il Desiderio - Google maps

Randagio – about 10mins walk, pretty good
Randagio - Google maps

America Graffiti Diner Restaurant
America Graffiti Diner - Google maps

Restaurants in the city centre

Ristorante da Fabio - Highly recommended
Ristorante da Fabio - Google maps

Scrambler Food Factory (Not sure if this is still open? Jan 2023)
Scrambler Ducati Food Factory - Torre de Galluzzi - Google maps


We usually just use the Taxi from the airport and the bus to get in and out of Bologna, its cheap and very good service.
Trains can take you to Florence, & Modena.

Bologna transport info here

There is now a Monorail which takes you from the airport to the main station in Bologna city centre.
The Marconi Express

The number 13 Bus goes from Normandia Just up the road from the del Borgo right in to the city, catch it here to get to and from the factory
Ducati bus stops!
Ducati bus stop to the city and the stop for the factory - Google maps
Ducati bus stop to Normandia - Google maps

In the city get off at Via Ugo Bassi which is the main street,
Catch the No.13 here to go out of the city toward Ducati and Normandia at Lame NOT in Via Ugo Bassi
Bus stop Lame - Google maps

It’s €2.00 (2022) for a 75-minute trip within the inner zone, buy tickets in tobacconists (yes really) or you can use coins on the bus. 
Remember to validate your ticket when you get on the bus at the machine - You will get a fine if you are caught without a VALIDATED ticket.
If you're staying in Borgo Panigale there's a tobacconists in the Centroborgo Shopping Centre here

Our favorite bar near the factory our flag is up on the wall!
Hostaria Dei 4 Gatti (The Four Cats)
Go in for a drink or food and say hello.
Hostaria Dei 4 Gatti (The Four Cats) - Google maps

Things to do in Bologna - Where to start__________

Visit Bologna website here 

Asinelli Tower the real two leaning towers!

Asinelli and Garisenda Towers

You can climb the 498 wooden stairs to the top for a fantastic view of the city.
As Bologna is getting more tourist than ever (400% more in the last 3 years) you need to book tickets, which can be done online or at the tourist information office in the main square Piazza Maggiore
Asinelli Tower - Google Maps

Palazzo Poggi Museum
Anatomical museum in part of the old University building, very interesting.
Palazzo Poggi Museum - Google Maps

Museo Civico Archeologico.
Museo Civico Archeologico - Google Maps

Piazza Maggiore.
The city's Main square with the statue of Neptune, you might recognize the trident he’s holding up!
Piazza Maggiore - Google Maps

Piazza Maggiore
Big church on the square, which houses Cassini's Meridian Line and the usual religious stuff.
Piazza Maggiore - Goole Maps

This is the older part of the city, nice narrow streets with great food and little bars
On Google maps

Teatro Anatomico - Anatomy Theatre
Also houses the old University Library, interesting building.
Teatro Anatomico - Anatomy Theatre - Google Maps

Basilica di Santo Stefano
Odd Monastery / church with some interesting architecture and artifacts
Basilica di Santo Stefano - Google Maps

And now 2 Scrambler Food Factories!
We've been to the one in the town, but not the one on the ring road, what's it like, please let me know?

This one's out by the ring road
Scrambler Ducati Food Factory - Via Stalingrado - Goolgle Maps

And this one's behind the Cathedral. (Not sure if this is still open? Jan 2023)
We had dinner there during Mugello week 2019, very nice food and great beer, well worth a visit, it you enter via the ground floor on one of the old towers, Torre de Galluzzi, there's a scrambler in parts on the wall, and one parked up inside.
It's been very nicely done...
Scrambler Ducati Food Factory - Torre de Galluzzi - Google maps

Scrambler Food Factory - Torre de Galluzzi
Scrambler Food Factory - Torre de Galluzzi
They even have some nice Scrambler craft beer IPA

If you fancy a walk theres also.... 
Sanctuary of the Madonna di San Luca
Which is the big red chruch on top of the hill overlooking Bologna, it's a nice shaded walk up there apparently
Sanctuary of the Madonna di San Luca - Google maps