DOC GB Diversity statement


Ducati’s statement on 18 May 2021 confirmed their commitment, as an organisation, to promoting diversity: 

“At Ducati, the work environment is increasingly enriched by women and men of different generations, each with their own background, talent, origin, sexual and religious orientation, who all together contribute to creating an innovative, dynamic and productive context".

As a result the "Diversity & Inclusion" path has been defined which, by placing people at the centre, values gender parity and equal treatment, emphasises language and inclusive actions and enhances diversity as a strategic lever and a real opportunity.” 

DOC GB aims and articles endeavour to align with this statement and DOC GB will support activities and events that also align with this approach.  Events and organisations that are unable to provide openness, transparency of intent and inclusivity to all DOC GB members are unable to be supported by DOC GB.  Furthermore, DOC GB will challenge disruptive behaviour that seeks to undermine the Club’s inclusive approach for all members (whether enacted through internal/external events or communications) and will not support closed and restricted membership groups that are not in alignment with Ducati’s clear statement of commitment. 

Constructive thoughts and ideas for developing the Club’s inclusivity are always welcomed and all DOC GB members have a responsibility to uphold this approach without prejudice. Moreover, DOC GB has and will continue to provide events and services for all members to have equal access to.

Martyn Edwards  Tim Mallion   Lisa Richards

Chairman             Secretary      Treasurer

Council of Management, Ducati Owners Club GB 2021