Tool hire

Many owners like to do their own servicing, rebuilds or repairs, and to cater for this, a wide selection of servicing tools are available from the DOC GB, covering nearly all of the most popular bikes Ducati have produced over many years. For a deposit (to cover damage or unreturned tools) and a small hire fee, you can do much of your service or rebuild work yourself.

This service is restricted to members, and members should contact: Graham Stoppani

How do I hire a tool?


Payment Two cheques will be required, one for the deposit (to be held until tool is returned) and one for the hire cost. Both made payable to the DOC GB.

Postage will be by insured delivery and must be to a day time address where someone will be in to receive and sign. You should post back by secure post otherwise if it goes missing you forfeit your deposit!

Your address should be typed or printed very clearly along with your telephone number, day and evening if possible.

Note: If the tool you require is not listed, or for advice on tackling a job, it may help to contact Graham first.

Part Number Description Application Notes
88700-5644 Timing pulley retaining wrench   GB Motorcycle Products
88713-0101 Clutch Drum Locking Bevel Twins  
88713-0113 Exhaust Nut Spanner Bevel Twins  
88713-0120 Rocker Pin Extractor Bevel Twins and Pantah also Parallel twins
88713-0131 Ign. Pick-up Assy. Tool Bevel Twins Darmah & other Bosch igntion
88713-0132 Ign. Strobe Disc Bevel Twins Darmah & other Bosch igntion
88713-0137 Primary gear holding tool - 4 pin   GB Motorcycle Products
88713-0137 Crankshaft Gear Retaining Key Various all belt engines?
88713-0143 Closing Rocker Tool Bevel Twins and Pantah  
88713-0144 L/H Cover Puller Various and Pantah all belt engines?
88713-0146 Clutch Holding Tool Belt twins home made
88713-0250 Flywheel Extractor Narrow case  
88713-0252 Timing Bearing Extractor Wide case  
88713-0258 Clutch Cover Puller Various beveltwins and singles
88713-0262 Rocker Assembling Pin 10mm See notes various
88713-0263 Cam Lock Tool Singles non-desmo
88713-0270 G/Box Blind Bearing Ext. Bevel Twins  
88713-0411 Flywheel Extractor Wide case  
88713-0435 Rocker Assembling Pin 8mm Desmo singles  
88713-0710 Altenator holding tool type 1 Belt twins GB Motorcycle Products
88713-0882 Cylinder head nut tool - 14mm   GB Motorcycle Products
88713-1037 steering head adjusting tool   GB Motorcycle Products
88713-1058 Triple tree nut tool   GB Motorcycle Products
88713-1749 Altenator cover removal tool Belt twins GB Motorcycle Products
88713-1806 28mm cam belt socket and alignment tool 4 Valve GB Motorcycle Products
88713-2102 Primary gear holding tool - 3 pin   GB Motorcycle Products
88713-2651 Clutch holder - wet clutch   GB Motorcycle Products
88713-3367 Flywheel holding tool   GB Motorcycle Products
88765-0999 Cam Belt Tension Tool 2 Valve  
  Closing Shim 2 Valve  
  shim measuring button Bevel Twins home made
  Head Nut Spanner 16mm Bevel Twins home made
  Brancato shim measurer 2 Valve  
  Opening Shim 2 Valve  
  Timing pointer Singles home made
  24mm cam belt socket   GB Motorcycle Products
  28mm cam belt socket   GB Motorcycle Products
  Clutch holder - bevel Bevel Twins GB Motorcycle Products
  Cylinder head nut tool - 16mm Bevel Twins GB Motorcycle Products
  Cylinder head nut tool - 15mm   GB Motorcycle Products
  Belt Tension Tool 4 Valve