Colin Richards

07856 551807

Meeting place

Legends Cafe, 10-12 Elburton Rd, Plymouth PL9 8JQ

Meeting times

Meet in the Legends Cafe in GT Motorcycles on the last Saturday of every month at 10am.

Branch description

The Devon Branch was formed nearly two years ago and we regularly meet up at GT Motorcycles in Plymouth.

 During the winter months (November-March) we meet up on the first Sunday of each month In the Legends cafe at 10 am at GT Motorcycles.

 The rest of the year we meet up on the first Tuesday evening of each month at the same place but at 6.30pm , GT`s keep the cafe open for us to use exclusively.

 We plan lots of ride outs throughout the year and we meet up with other branches as well for big rideouts.

 We are a friendly bunch and there is always chat and banter between old and new members, we openly encourage new members to come along and meet up as and when they can do so.

We have a very busy 2018 planned and we are planning on another rally into France in April of 2019 (the last one was a fantastic event) check out our Facebook page for regular updates or if you wish to browse what we have been up to you won`t be disappointed. DUCATI OWNERS CLUB GB DEVON