Max Hitchcock

07808 587220

Meeting place

The Potting Shed, Horseshoes Ln, Langley, Maidstone ME17 3LZ

Details will be shared in advance on our Facebook page, and will be emailed directly to all members in the Kent list.

Meeting times

Fourth Sunday of the month from 10:00 am.

Depending on weather, events and location which is shared on the Facebook group, and email in advanced.

Please contact Lewis by e-mail, text or WhatsApp.  

Branch description

Kent ‘Spitfires’

The Kent branch meets officially once a month. See Meeting Place and times for details.

With other meetings and ride outs planned ad hoc throughout the month, with plenty of riding involved across the south-east. The branch Facebook group page is the best place to keep up to date with all the branch news and events.

Otherwise please contact Lewis by e-mail, text or WhatsApp on the contact number above.

Kent is a very active branch, with over 600 members (according to our Facebook page), Ducati Owners Club GB Kent Branch - The Spitfires many are based across the south-east, and we welcome everyone. Typically, there will be 20+ at our summer meetings, but that’s just one small part of our group activities.

We have something going on most weeks. Trips both in the UK and into Europe (France is on our doorstep and we take advantage of that), and anything else that peaks our interest.

There is always plenty of support, laughs, friendship and banter in the branch, and our Facebook group page is the centre of all our comings, goings, and enjoyment. Please check it out, more the merrier.