Ducati DRE Travel Adventures 2023

The DRE Travel Adventures are back for 2023!

This year we will be exploring Sardinia with the DesertX Expedition,
Borgo Panigale and Tuscany with the Dream Tour and some of the best landscapes in Southern France with the Multistrada Expedition.

In the attached document, you will find all the necessary information: the different tours, the prices, the benefits reserved for DOC members and how to obtain them.

The purchasing platform is already open; you can book your DRE Travel Adventure at this link.

As with all Ducati Riding Experiences, DOC members are entitled to a 10% discount

For any questions, you can refer to Travel Adventures Ducati traveladventuresDucati@gattinoni.it.

The PDF brochure is avaiable to download HERE

PLEASE NOTE: Given that the platform has opened before the renewal of the members’ affiliation for 2023, we ask you to pay particular attention to the subscription of those members who intend to purchase one of the experiences. If they are new members, not yet registered in the database, we advise you to register them as active members before they buy the experience.

Rush to buy your favourite travel!

Team DOC

DRE Adventures 2023
DRE Adventures 2023