DOC GB Southern Rally 2019 - WDW2019 UPDATE

DOC GB Southern Rally 2019 - WDW2019 Update

Southern Rally, Wiltshire Ducati Weekend Fri 31st Aug - Sun 1st Sept. Castle Combe Racing Circuit Wiltshire.

The event is an official DOCGB rally and is taking taking shape well. The circuit are excited to be having our Southern Rally with them this year and have a packed programme over the weekend for us to enjoy along with our own club activities.

Don’t forget you can get 10% discount on your tickets when booking at by emailing me with your membership number to 

Response so far has been good and looks like we’re on for a fantastic turnout.

Anyone with a 916 please bring it along for our display over the weekend as part of the 916 anniversary celebrations.

Looking forward to a great weekend at this wonderful circuit with as many of you as possible. Please remember the discounted ticket code is only available to DOCGB members.

Anton Henley