DOC Track Day 2020 Members offer

DOC Track Day 2020 Misano Members offer
Please note the invite for this event is open to one club member (riding) and one club member (guest/spectating) from each club.

Please contact Martyn Edwards in the first instance to register your interest and for info. Details below:

We are Back On Track!
Back on track with the DOCs Thursday October 1 @ Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli.
Special guests: Dario Marchetti DRE Racetrack Technical Director and Matteo Ferrari, MotoE World Champion 2019 and WorldSBK 2020 Rider.

The track package is reserved to DOCs and it is an OpenPit with free access to the track from 9 to 13 and 14 to 18.
This if you bring your track bike, but you can also use the available Ducati Panigale that will available for organized sessions.
From each DOC one rider and one guest can participate.

Ducati Lineup
The day includes the use of bikes from the Ducati LineUp Panigale V2 & V4 supported by the Ducati Mechanics.
The DOCs will be maximum 30 organized in two different groups each with 15 Panigale bikes.

World Champions
Dario Marchetti and Matteo Ferrari will help the participants to truly enjoy the day.
They will take care of the riding briefing and will lead the riders in the track sessions.

Available Sessions
The use of the Ducati lineup will be organized so that all the rider will be able to test all the available models.
The schedule of the session is being defined but it will comform to the DRE Racetrack standards.

On track the photo service  will be provided by Snap Shot Riccione for a fee, with an offering that includes quality photos and special SlowMotion videos (check it here        

Price and Enrollment
The price for the day is 180 Euro, gas for the Panigale included.
In case of adverse metereological conditions, the track day will be repeated but only for your bikes, no Panigale will be available on the new dates.
You can enroll with the attached PDF Module, once received we will confirm the payment details so that you can pay by wiretransfer. You will have to fullfill the payment in the timeframe requested or your enrollment will  be canceled.
Only one rider per club will be allowed with only one guest.
The number of seat is limited and they will be assigned on a first come first served base.
When sold out, a waiting list will be created.
The price does not include anything more than what is stated in the previous paragraphs – no meal, no other services, no apparel rental.

As usual for the Ducati Riding Experience events, each participants will be responsible for their behaviour and damaged caused by reckless behaviour.
In case of reckless behaviour and in violation of the Ducati Riding Experience Regulations and the Misano World Circuit regulation, the participant will be forced to leave the event and the premises.
The damages for such beaviour on track will be charged on the participant Credit Card.
As a deposit, each participant will have to provide a valid credit card.
The participant will only be allowed to ride by presenting a riding permit valid for big displacement motorcycles.

The riders and guests will be tested for body temperature when accessng the premises. In case of fever, the participants will be excluded from the event and will not be able to acces the circuit.
The participant wil have to sign a declaration of WELL BEING AND NO SYMPTOMS OF COVID-19. In violation of this declaration, the participant will be held accountable all the legal consequences of the matter..