Ducati DRE Adventure Academy 2021 dates and booking info

Dear Members, we received this from DucatI regading the DRE Adventure Academy for 2021...
The booking platform will be open to members who are also on the Factory DOC from today Wedneday 24th Marchinformation on the pdf below. There is usually a small discount for members which is on the platform.
How this will run, and how we would get there with the current situation is anybodys guess? Introduction from Ducati below....

DRE Adventure Academy 2021 Information here

let's continue with the DRE Academy courses!

It's now the turn of the new format of DRE Adventure, evolution of DRE Enduro. 

In the attached document you will find all the necessary information: dates, prices, DOC members benefits and how to obtain them.

The purchasing platform will open exclusively for DOCs on Wednesday, March 24th.

Book your course now!​

NOTE: The total amount of the discounts reserved for club members is restricted, it would not be possible to purchase discounted courses, once the amount will be over.

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