Ducati World Première 2023 – Episode 4: This is Racing. October 14th

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Ducati | Wednesday 12 October 2022
Ducati World Première 2023 – Episode 4: This is Racing

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October 14th | 4 pm CEST | Ducati.com
DWP2021 Episode 5

The Ducati World Première 2023 web series continues with the presentation of a model that represents the essence of racing. A motorcycle capable of setting new performance benchmarks with unprecedented solutions derived directly from the world of motorsports.

All the details of the new Ducati model will be unveiled Friday, October 14th at 4 pm CEST on Ducati.com and on Ducati’s YouTube channel.

The press kit containing all the information and the images of the bike will be available on Ducati Media House straight after the start of the episode.

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