Factory Desmo Owners Club Changes for 2021

Dear Members.

Some of you will have received emails from Ducati 18th December 2020 regarding this, below is an explanation of what it's all about.
This is not a phising scam it has come from Ducati and does need your response.

Ducati are making changes to the 'Factory DOC' for 2021 which some of you are signed up on.
At present we have 2500+ DOC GB members 900 of which are also on the Factory DOC, this seems to affect about 170 of those members signed up.
So only the members affected will have received this email from Ducati, if you haven’t received it then there is no need to act, unless of course if you no longer use the email you had registered with Ducati.

The system was re-vamped in 2018 and at the time all current members were transferred over to the new system automatically.
The old pre 2018 system allowed for members to be added without the need for them to have registered on www.ducati.com (and so given permission to Ducati for GDPR purposes).
But... Under the 2018 GDPR regs this needs to change, so on January 31st 2021 Ducati will delete all of the details of members who do not have a registration on MY DUCATI, as registration on this app/system give Ducati the permission to hold details, without it they cannot.
So this is not a means to increase marketing, but it’s actually a legal requirement.

This changes in no way affects your DOC GB membership, only the add-on Factory DOC as we call it.

Factory DOC Membership packs will be sent out early in 2021 so if you are no longer on the Factory DOC system there will not be a pack for you and you will not receive discounted WDW tickets or free entrance to the museum or any of the other Ducati benefits. as we can only claim for members recognised on the system.

So to re-cap:

If you have not received the email below you are not affected (unless you no longer monitor the email you have on the Factory DOC system?)

If you have received the email please follow the instructions to register your details with your existing Factory DOC entry.

Hopefully this makes sense, I would encourage you to log on here MY DUCATI first to check but you are really unsure please contact me memsec@docgb.net

UPDATE 2020-12-29 - Having checked our own stauts's on the PC on www.ducati.com even though we are registered we can't see the DOC GB membership under the Desmo Owners Club section of our profiles.
BUT, we then checked our profiles on the MyDucati phone APP this does show up or DOC GB membership, which is odd, so it appears that to check you should use the app which can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store. myducati-app

UPDATE 2021-07-11 - Ducati said that they would be deleting any non registered membership at the end of February 2021, but this has still not happened which make life more difficult for us, so we will email the affected members and let them know.

Hopefully they can use the 2020-12-18 email to complete thier re-registration etc, if not then they will have to re-apply for a new membership,by setting up a profile on https://www.ducati.com/gb/en/home first using the same email address as far as we can see. - SORRY ABOUT THIS BUT IT'S BEYOND OUR CONTROL AND IN THE HANDS OF DUCATI.

Details of the Factory DOC can as usual be found FACTORY DOC

Kevin Baker DOC GB Membership Secretary

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