French artist Jisbar has painted a Ducati-themed picture that will go to auction in favour of #RaceAgainstCOVID

Ducati | Tuesday 7 July 2020
French artist Jisbar has painted a Ducati-themed picture that will go to auction in favour of #RaceAgainstCOVID
  • Jean-Baptiste Launay, aka Jisbar, is one of the most prominent figures of his generation in the pop-street art world. He has created a reinterpretation of the famous "Mona Lisa" dedicating it to Ducati
  • The painting will be auctioned on Thursday 16 July and the proceeds will go to #RaceAgainstCOVID, the fundraising organized by Ducati for the S. Orsola Hospital in Bologna
  • All the information to participate in the auction that will take place in streaming online is available on the "Cambi Auction House" website (
Borgo Panigale (Bologna, Italy), 7 July 2020 – "Ducati Mona Lisa" is the name of the work of art created by the French artist Jisbar (born Jean-Baptiste Launay) which will be auctioned on Thursday 16 July in order to raise funds for the #RaceAgainstCOVID, the initiative organized by the Borgo Panigale motorcycle manufacturer in support of the rehabilitation programs that the Polyclinic of S. Orsola in Bologna has developed for patients in post Covid-19 convalescence.

The painting is part of the "Mona Lisa" series, where Jisbar reinterprets Leonardo Da Vinci's famous masterpiece in different ways through his imaginative and colourful style, which is consecrating him as one of the most interesting emerging youngsters on the pop-art scene world. In "Ducati Mona Lisa" the female figure in the centre of the picture is surrounded by visual and graphic elements that recall the history of Ducati, its models in the range and some of its most famous riders. The French artist created this work with great enthusiasm and has now made it available for free to support the #RaceAgainstCOVID initiative organized by Ducati.

"Ducati Mona Lisa", an acrylic on canvas of 141 x 106 cm, will be put up for auction by Cambi Aste on the morning of Thursday 16 July, during auction #481 dedicated to modern and contemporary art, photography and comics, starting at 10.00 until the end of the last batch. The auction will be streamed online and offers can be placed directly from the page of the site which can be accessed via a link obtained during the registration phase.

Registrations are already open on The site is available in Italian, English, French and Chinese, while the auctioneer's live streaming will only be in Italian.

The proceeds from the sale of the work will be entirely donated to the Policlinico di S. Orsola in Bologna.
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"Ducati Mona Lisa" - Jisbar
Artist Jisbar and his "Ducati Mona Lisa"