Membership PayPal Recurring Payments changes

Dear Members.
Over the last couple of months, we have been updating the PayPal payment system which is part of the DOC GB online website membership system.
I order to update this fully to PayPal’s new systems we will have to cancel all membership Recurring PayPal payments which would be due between now & March 2022 which members already have in place and are due to pay out in the year to come.
We will be doing this over the next few days, so you will probably get an email from PayPal letting you know.
If you set one up in late March or early April your renewal will not be affected. 

This does not affect anyone’s actual current membership, just the renewal procedure for your next renewal later in this year, or next year.
Instead of PayPal automatically paying out your payment to us, you will receive a reminder in the post 2 weeks before the due date.
At this point you can renew by logging on and making a new PayPal, or card payment either single or recurring as you choose.
Or you can of course change to Standing order or cheque etc.
This does not affect any recurring card payments or any other form of recurring payment. 

We’re sorry about having to change your payment structure but it is an unavoidable result of trying to keep things up to date.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Regards. Kevin Baker.