Stafford Classic Bike Show - April 2024 - Club's 50th year display

Stafford Classic Bike Show - April 2024 - Club's 50th year display

Dear Members.
Whilst setting up for 2023 I had a whinge at Nick from Mortons (Stafford show organisers), firstly about being shunted off into the side hall (we have been in the main hall for four shows running!) and also for giving us 11 metres of space instead of the promised 14 metres. So much for loyalty!

I impressed on him our plans for April '24, and this obviously had an impact because half an hour later he came back to offer us a significant, and unexpected, improvement.

___________________________1974 - 2024___________________________

So for April 2024 we have the "Meat Hall" entirely to ourselves.
This is a 19m x 9m space, (three times what we had this time) off the main hall, and will comfortably accommodate 25-30 bikes. It has it's own doors which can be padlocked so gives even better security than the usual club stand. And we'll include a small Ducafe.
As you should know, 2024 is the club's 50th anniversary, and we'll be celebrating it accordingly.
My plan for 2024 is "Welcome to 1974" and plans are already well advanced. We will have every bike that was in Ducati's officially imported range in 1974, so that's all the MkIII, Desmo and Street Scrambler singles, and all three 750's. Originally, working on a normal size stand, I was looking for one of each (plus a reserve) but can now include many more, including multiple examples of each model. This may well mean we have more 750 SuperSports in one place than have been seen for donkey's years.
As noted, I am already well advanced, but will be very happy to hear from anyone else who has a suitable bike to show. As long as it was in the '74 range, I'm not worried if it's a '72/73/75 registration - anything will be considered on merit, but only from the 1974 model range.

Right now the only major bikes I am short of are Street Scramblers, so if you have one, I'd like you to join the party.
Also, as a sideshow, Mototrans (Barcelona) were also building bikes in 1974, and I would be interested in anything they had to offer at the same time (Vento, Scrambler etc) to use in a small offshoot display, so again, if you have anything please let me know.

Please get in touch at for further details, and please include a photo of your bike.
Thank you.