WDW 2024 Tickets Reminder & Update.

WDW 2024 Tickets Reminder / Update.
Dear members, just to clear up a few points that seem to have been missed or misinterpreted by members wishing to take advantage of reduced-price tickets to WDW 2024 through the club

  • Reduced price tickets can only be bought by using a discount code issued by Vivaticket / Ducati These codes are not issued by the DOC GB.
  • These codes have been and will be sent out via email over the coming months to DOC GB members who are also signed up and accepted as our members on the Ducati Official Club.
  • These codes will be sent to the email address on the Ducati Official Club system, (so please make sure your details are correct)
  • Tickets are: 1 code allows the purchase of 1 ticket, so every ticket needs a code.
  • All current DOC GB members are eligible for inclusion on the Ducati Official Club system including joint members, but they must register and be accepted, this system is per individual and not joint like our system.
  • If anyone has problems with codes or ticketing in general, please contact Vivaticket as below.
  • Members can check if they are on the DOC system by logging on to it and/or checking there DOC GB membership on our website, look for your 8 digit members number.

If a member has registered to Factory DOC MyDucati and is an active member of the Club by the above dates, but hasn't received the code, they can contact Ducati Customer Service by filling in the form available in the "Support" section of MyDucati (https://www.ducati.com/ww/en/my/support), who will intervene promptly.

If a member encounters technical problems with the platform, they can use the contacts below:

  1. e-mail: wdw@vivaticket.com
  2. phone: 0039-(0)51-4490044