WDW Ticketing problems

Dear Members.

As some of you are painfully aware, a number of members have had probelms buying reduced price WDW tickets from the Ducati / Vivaticket system.

As we have stated we have no control over this system, Ducati runs the Factory DOC system and database, and Vivaticket are the ticket sellers.

We have been liasing with the clubs dept at Ducati who have tried to help, and we have has discussions with Ducati UK, Ducati UK have now offered to intervene and sort out these probelms.

So to the members who are still having difficulties could you please contact me as below,
And let me have the following info please by email only to memsec@docgb.net

  1. Your Email address on the Factory DOC / My Ducati system.
  2. You Factory DOC / My Ducati 8 digit number
  3. Your ticket code number(s) and whos code is whos (please copy and paste if possible to prevent errors)
  4. What problem are you having:
    1. Haven’t received a code email?
    2. Code received does not work - invalid code message? (please ensue that you have the code entered correctly)
    3. Can’t login to you Fctory DOC / My Ducati profile during the ticket buying process?
    4. Other?
  5. Your mobile number

We will collate these and pass them to Ducati UK to look into.

This needs to be done before the next code email preferably.

Kevin Baker.

DOC GB Memsec