World Superbikes Donington 2019 - 916 25th Celebration

The weekend is almost here, a lot of planning has gone into what we hope will be a great and memorable weekend,.
All tickets have been sent out, and even the weather's looking good.
If you have your Ducati with you, in a van or on a trailer you do not need a vehicle pass, your information on the e mail explains this. But remember it's one ticket per person.
If you are camping grab Martyn, Ray or Kevin when you get to Redgate or anybody in a Staff t shirt, you can tell these as it says Staff in big letters on the back.
A nice extra surprise for Sunday morning, Dorna has scheduled a parade lap for us all, we do not yet know if any documentation will be needed but please be ready at 11.00 am Sunday, you will need riding gear, boots, helmet, gloves, jacket and trousers, trousers can be riding jeans or textiles, you do not need full leather, it is only a parade lap.
Obviously it's Ducatis only for the parade lap.
See map on the website to see where we are, and where to go, meet at the 916 Marquee at Redgate infeild
Ducati parking is next to the 916 Marquee
If you need to contact me, text is best then if I can reply, if you phone I may miss it, my number is 07977939136.
Thanks to everybody for making this happen.

Martyn Edwards