WDW 2018 Ticket Info - Update 2018-05-18

UPDATE 2018-05-18 - There seems to have been a bit of a mix up at Best Union with dleivery costs, so please make sure you choose the €15 option and NOT the €12

Info has come through.

Tickets are available to order direct from Ducati.

This is the mail we received from Ducati regarding the discount codes etc....

Starting from March 27 you will have the possibility to purchase the WDW 2018 tickets.

Each member uploaded on the DCO platform (which is the Factory DOC) and with the valid consent to the processing of personal data by Ducati, will receive an e-mail containing a personal discount code and the link to the platform.

The reserved special prices for DOC members are:

  1. 3 Days DOC Biker Pass € 55 instead of € 95
  2. 3 Days DOC Visitor Pass € 50 instead of € 65
  3. 1 Day DOC Biker Pass € 30 instead of € 50 (new)
  4. 1 Day DOC Visitor Pass € 25 instead of € 40 (new)

* IMPORTANT:  please check your members' database, and especially the e-mail and the consent to the processing of personal data by Ducati  the members without this valid consent will not receive the link and the discount code.

We (Ducati) will send the codes regularly to the new members uploaded on DCO, following the calendar below:

First batch will be 27th March, then.....

›               April 5

›               April  19

›               May 3

›               May 17

›               May 31

›               June 14

›               June 28

›               July 5

Pease check the attached document to discover more about the purchase procedure.

See pdf in link below.

WDW 2018 ticketing info

Contact me if you need any more info?

Kevin Baker