Ducati DRE 2023

DRE Academy 2023 | December 19th - Save the date!

Are you ready to preview the 2023 courses of the Ducati Riding Experience?

We are starting with the DRE Racetrack, Track Warm Up, Road and Rookie courses.
In the attached document, you will find all the necessary information: the first dates, the prices, the benefits reserved for DOC members and how to obtain them.

In the upcoming months, other news will enrich the panorama of the Ducati Riding Experience: new dates and formats designed to make you appreciate the models of the new Ducati range
The purchasing platform will open exclusively for DOC members on Monday, December 19th.

Information on the 2023 DRE courses is here

PLEASE NOTE: Given that the platform will open before the renewal of the members’ affiliation for 2023 (which will begin in January), we ask you to pay particular attention to the subscription of those members who intend to purchase one of the courses. If they are new members, not yet registered in the database, we advise you to register them as active members from the end of the year and before they buy the course.

Rush to buy your favourite course!​

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