Ducati Desmo Owners Club - "Factory DOC" now back online

Dear members...

As promised we are now letting you know that the Ducati Desmo Owners Club - "Factory DOC" is now back online and available to members.

Members who were on the system back in November 2018 should be renewed for 2019.
BUT.... due to GDPR rules, Ducati have not automatically renewed all of our members, there are around 150 missing we think, so if you opted to not received communications from us or the factory you will not have been renewed, you will need to log in and check your status to see if you are still one of our Factory DOC members.

Please do this as soon as possible as we are unsure when they plan to send out the 2019 Membership kits

Please read the write up here on our website to see how this new system works.

Webpage information here 

PDF info here

Ducati.com/GB website here

Kevin Baker - DOC GB Membership Secretary memsec@docgb.net