Factory Desmo Owners Club new applications / re-affilliation January 2021

Dear Members.
Just to let you all know what's happening with the Factory Desmo Owners Club applications at the moment, in case you are waiting to be accepted.
This system runs from January to January and we as a club have to re-affilliate each year.
This does not apply to members as we re-enrole current DOC GB member automatically each year, so no action is requed by members.

Once re-affiliation starts we cannot accept new members until it is completed, so any member asking to be accepted on this system will be accepted as soon as re-affiliation is complete, this should be end of January or early February, so if you have asked to be accepted and are not yet, you will be.

Please note: 2021 welcome packs will be ordered after this process and after new members are accepted so anyone waiting should not miss out.

Please note that these are other changes taking place to this system by Ducati which are detailed in an erlier article HERE

Kevin Baker.
DOC GB Membership Secretary.