WDW 2024 ticket information

WDW 2024 Ticket_Instructions

Discounted tickets can be bought as members of the DOC GB but members MUST also be registered and accepted on the Factory Ducati Official Club.
Codes are emailed out by Ducati to these members email accounts so please make sure you are signed up and accepted
Info here Ducati Official Club

It's time to share the first information about World Ducati Week 2024!

From July 26th to 28th at the Misano World Circuit "Marco Simoncelli", three magical days await us, dedicated to all the Ducati enthusiasts who support our brand every day with their passion. First and foremost, all you D.O.C.s, who are the beating heart of our community all over the world.

That is why we have decided to dedicate exclusive benefits to all members, starting with a special pricing and the possibility of purchasing your tickets in advance.

We are pleased to announce that the WDW2024 ticketing platform will be available to the public on March 14th, while D.O.C. members will be able to access it from Monday 11th.

Each active member registered to MyDucati will receive, starting from that date, a personal and unique code by email, which will allow them to purchase a WDW2024 pass at the special D.O.C. rate:

  1. D.O.C. Biker 3-day pass at €70 instead of €110
  2. D.O.C. Visitor 3-day pass at €65 instead of €80
  3. D.O.C. Biker 1 day pass at € 45 instead of € 65
  4. D.O.C. Visitor 1 day pass at € 40 instead of € 55

Only D.O.C. Biker 3-day pass holders will have the opportunity to book the track sessions, test rides and riding experiences reserved for D.O.C.s. Additional information will be provided in the upcoming months.

The codes will be sent periodically to new active members registered to the Factory DOC MyDucati according to the following schedule:

  1. March 11th
  2. March 25th
  3. April 8th
  4. April 22nd
  5. May 6th
  6. May 20th
  7. June 3rd
  8. June 17th
  9. July 1st
  10. July 8th

Are you a Ducati Official Club Member? If not DON'T PANIC! 

Remember that you have to be a members of the Factory D.O.C who has correctly completed the affiliation process to be considered.  ducati.com-doc

If a member has registered to Factory DOC MyDucati and is an active member of the Club by the above dates, but hasn't received the code, they can contact Ducati Customer Service by filling in the form available in the "Support" section of MyDucati (https://www.ducati.com/ww/en/my/support), who will intervene promptly.

If a member encounters technical problems with the platform, they can use the contacts below:

  1. e-mail: wdw@vivaticket.com
  2. phone: 0039-(0)51-4490044

You will find attached a document with all the details on how to purchase tickets

More Info on Ducati.com here:

We look forward to seeing you at WDW!

Team D.O.C.

Ducati Motor Holding spa
Via Cavalieri Ducati, 3
40132 Bologna, Italy