World Ducati Week 2022

World Ducati week has been cancelled for 2021, but the good news is... it's on for 2022!

More info including the date as we get it.

Some general info below, more to come..... WATCH THIS SPACE

This is a must for any Ducati owner!

It's a 3 day event organised by Ducati held at Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli

Running from Friday morning until Sunday afternoon, ticket holders can come and go to and from the circuit at anytime throughout the weekend.
Ride there or fly there....

A brief list of events etc, every year is different...

  • Works riders racing track / offroad etc.
  • Stunt shows
  • Bke shows
  • Works riders autograph sessions
  • Test rides
  • Trade stands
  • Free tracktime sessions
  • Clubs International Village
  • Parade laps usually on the Friday night
  • Seminars

The factory and museum in Bologna is open house from Wednesday to Sunday for ticket holders.
The 2018 event attracted over 90,000 Ducatisti.

The surrounding towns Rimini, Misano Adriatico, and Riccione also host concerts and events events
Ducatis are everwhere!

We think Misano Adriatico is the place to be, the action usually centers on Restaurant Dolce Vita on the seafront.
Restaurant Dolce VIta

If you want to camp the favoured spot seems to be Camping Misano
There will be other DOC GB members and Ducatisti from all over here Camping Misano Google Maps

This is a link to the event on WDW info on

Club members who are also signed up for the Factory DOC can buy tickets for the event at around 50% off

Tickets usually go on sale at the end of March.

By way of a reminder of what you need to do to prepare if you are lucky enough to be going here’s my list of things to watch out for and do regarding tickets, please note, details below assume that this event will be run like the 2018 one, so this may change.

  • Tickets – These usually go on sale in late March and are available up until a week or so before the event, so no need to panic about buying as they have also never run out in the past.
  • Reduced price tickets should be available to members who are also registered and accepted as one of our members on the factory DOC ie ‘MYDUCATI’.
  • Email Invites from Ducati to buy reduced price tickets will come from members details on the Factory DOC, so it is vital that members log on to their ‘MYDUCATI’ to check that their information is up to date and correct, we have no access to this change this information so this must be done by members – If Ducati do not have your email address then you will not get an invite.
  • Check here MYDUCATI is top right.
  • Some members Factory DOC accounts may have been ‘orphaned’ when they were transferred form the old system to the new one, so if you cannot log on please contact me and I will have a look.
  • Remember, don’t just assume your details are correct even if you can download a Factory DOC card from the systems are not linked.
  • More info on the event will become available as time goes on please look here: and also on the dedicated Facebook page
  • Tickets can be either delivered to home or collected at the track over the weekend, delivery costs around £13 whereas collecting from the track is free, my advice is to collect at the track, as this saves on delivery cost and saves on problems with deliveries, there will a row of marquees set up to the left of the entrance with parking so that tickets can be collected with the relevant paperwork, it’s quite easy, secure, and convenient.
  • More info as we get it.

There's a dedicated WDW 2022 page on facebook for upto date info and contacts with fellow WDWers here:
WDW: World Ducati Week 2022 - Facebook


Friday Night Parade laps at the track

A few photos at the track

MotoGP & WSBK Diavel Drag Racers
Walking Desmo Valve Gear, of course!
Gathering for the Friday night parade lap of Misano

WDW 2014 Saturday night mayhem outside the Cafe Dolce Vita Misano Adriatico

Lets dismantle a Panigale engine!

WDW2022 official DOC GB T-shirts.... watch this space....
This was 2018... what colour will 2022 bring.....
WDW2019 DOCGB T-shirt